The Great YouTube “Handle” Land Grab is on

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Sunday Nov 14 was the last day for a YouTube channel to claim their new handle.  Starting this week, it’s open season to see if the YouTube ‘Handle’ you want is available. So what is a YouTube Handle and why do you need one? According to YT support “Handles are a way for you to…

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Auburn Volkswagen. And what a ride it’s been

Collage of advertising work provided to Auburn Volkswagen by Steenman

It is with such mixed feelings that I say goodbye to Matthew Welch and our time together at Auburn Volkswagen.  More than a client, more than a friend or even mentor, Matthew is one of those clients that believes and behaves in a way that is hard to describe.  16 years of working together to…

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Media Insultant Update

Ad agency owner and automotive marketing expert Ed Steenman talks with Media Insultant Podcast about the recent NADA automotive conference, auto dealership trends and the vehicle inventory shortage and likely effects on local dealership automotive marketing and advertising.

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What’s Working for Event Marketers

bridal show producers international

AVOD streaming video and email campaigns are creating some of the best ROAS in the current advertising environment for event driven marketers. In this video, OTT expert and advertising agency owner Ed Steenman outlines how to best use these tools to drive attendees to trade shows and events. . #BSPI #video #advertising #email

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Marketers plan to ramp up email use in 2022.

samples of steenman email campaigns

According to a study by the Association for National Advertisers, direct marketers still prefer email by a substantial margin for reaching people, despite social media rise. As reported by Ad Age today, the “Response Rate Report 2021: Performance and Cost Metrics Across Direct Media” revealed that email was the most used direct medium across business-to-business,…

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Media Insultants: Round 2

Happy to make a 2nd appearance on the Media Insultant podcast this morning to talk about two of my favorite things- cars and advertising. #automotivemarketing #mediainsultant Media Insultant – Thursday Edition 1.13.22 The Birds give Audacy the bird and Steenman is back with an update on the car biz. from Jackson Weaver on Vimeo.

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At, they make it easy to find the best local experts, every time. promises to features only objectively quantified and qualified professionals. Their proprietary research and selection process claims to identify the top service professionals in over 200 different industries across the top cities in the United States. Every month they help over…

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Media Insultant Special Guest

What great fun to be a special guest on Media Insultant Podcast today! Got to talk all things automotive and impact on advertising revenue for local broadcasters with Keith and Jackson. #automotivemarketing #advertising #mediainsultant

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Thank you Vegas Auto Fest

What a fantastic event this year. Record engagement and attendance, great weather (Hey, it’s Vegas) and fantastic sponsors and partners made it the best ever. Thank you for letting us be a part of it. Check out some of the photography and imaging associated with the 2021 event. INSTAGRAM TUBE

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