2023 & Beyond: Connected TV’s Bright Future

Courtesy Jake Sheets; Jamloop Connected TV has had a great year in 2022. Streaming platforms increased in popularity and were able to increase investments into their content libraries and advertising capabilities. Now every streaming app has the ability to become a fully measurable ad platform – giving advertisers direct access to their target audiences. And…

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The Great YouTube “Handle” Land Grab is on

At symbol

Sunday Nov 14 was the last day for a YouTube channel to claim their new handle.  Starting this week, it’s open season to see if the YouTube ‘Handle’ you want is available. So what is a YouTube Handle and why do you need one? According to YT support “Handles are a way for you to…

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What’s Working for Event Marketers

bridal show producers international

AVOD streaming video and email campaigns are creating some of the best ROAS in the current advertising environment for event driven marketers. In this video, OTT expert and advertising agency owner Ed Steenman outlines how to best use these tools to drive attendees to trade shows and events. . #BSPI #video #advertising #email

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Dealer Marketing Magazine Article Preview

Dealer Marketing Magazine

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives, including the way we work, learn, shop and communicate. In regards to consumer video consumption, the pandemic hasn’t so much changed the paradigm as it has advanced significant trends already in motion, mainly the impacts of cord cutting and streaming on the growth of digital video and the continued audience erosion of traditional TV.

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Happy holiday video wishes from team Steenman.

What’s your favorite Holiday movie? Home Alone? A Xmas story? Wonderful Life? I personally love the tradition of watching Die Hard ever year even though there are those naysayers who believe it’s not really a “Christmas” movie. To them I say Bah- Humbug! Whatever you choose, holiday movies are one thing we can still enjoy…

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Audience growth, advances in features, targeting and data; support increased ROAS for OTT

Best OTT Ad Progam

Roughly half of US adults over 18 use at least one OTT service¹, which translates into about 182 million OTT ad spending has seen double-digit increases in recent years. There are more opportunities now available for advertisers and new attribution models that can track actions including store visits.

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How does working with an independent media buyer compare to buying advertising from a local radio or television station.

Find the best ad rates on local TV stations like KING TV, KOMO TV, Q13 Fox or KIRO TV in Seattle as well as local radio stations like KIRO, KISW or KZOK. An independent media buyer can competitively shop the market to provide you the right program for your business at no additional cost to you.

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NEW AI TECHNOLOGY: Smart Television Advertising in ways never before possible

Here is Steenman’s first article as published in Dealer Marketing Magazine. NEW AI TECHNOLOGY: Smart Television Advertising in ways never before possible November 25, 2019 by Ed Steenman How smart is your new Smart TV?  Smarter than you think. Because in addition to cool new features like streaming apps, voice control and Bluetooth compatibility, your TV is…

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The percentage of people ditching their traditional pay-TV packages is expected to skyrocket this year, according to a new study from Emarketer.

TV cord-cutting will outpace projections and increase an estimated 32.8% in 2018, according to new analysis from Emarketer. The firm projects that the total number of cord-cutters will jump from 24.9 million users in 2017 up to 33 million by the end of this year. This hike in cord-cutting comes despite an increasing number of…

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