Dealer Marketing Magazine: Meet Ed Steenman

Ed Steenman is a member of the Dealer Marketing Magazine Expert Panel

Dealer Marketing Magazine is a go to publication for automotive marketing. I’ve proudly served on their ‘Expert Panel’ for 17 years. Recently, they started a new series featuring all the members. Here’s mine.


The Foundations

After working for a few agencies and a brief partnership, I decided to venture out on my own with my Macintosh 512K in a luggable bag. I set up shop in Seattle, and through persistence and hard work, I’ve built a successful career in advertising. At the time, advertising was simpler, with a few ads on radio, TV, or newspapers being enough to drive sales. However, the advertising landscape has since evolved, with an emphasis on omnichannel touchpoints, attribution, and extensive data analysis.

Although the advertising industry has become more complex and heavily analyzed, creativity remains at its core. Successful advertising campaigns must still break through the noise with engaging, innovative content rather than relying on overused, dull approaches. My mission has always been to brand dealerships differently, focusing on their involvement in the community rather than just selling cars.