Introducing Google Analytics 4: New Tracking & a New Way of Thinking

Long the industry standard for measuring digital advertising, Google Analytics launched a significant update recently. More than an update, GA4 provides a whole new paradigm on how to think about and measure web traffic. So whether you’re the guy who crunches the numbers, or needs to rely on or manage those that do, here’s a quick dive on what you need to know about the new Analytics 4.

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Dealer Marketing Magazine Article Preview

Dealer Marketing Magazine

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives, including the way we work, learn, shop and communicate. In regards to consumer video consumption, the pandemic hasn’t so much changed the paradigm as it has advanced significant trends already in motion, mainly the impacts of cord cutting and streaming on the growth of digital video and the continued audience erosion of traditional TV.

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Thank you BSPI

Thank you BSPI for inviting me back to your annual conference.  Great time presenting and sharing advertising and digital marketing strategies, and reconnecting with friends.

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