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5 Ways to Building an Effective Digital Presence

By Steenman Associates | March 23, 2021

Developing an effective digital presence is a key part of your larger marketing plan. Here are five steps that can impact your success. Keep posting, stay genuine, and watch your audience grow.


Five Simple Tips to Quickly Boost your Business’ Social Media Following

By Steenman Associates | March 8, 2021

Social media is a necessity for brands and businesses. Customers expect the companies they use to be active on these platforms and will often use your social following as a gauge of how trustworthy the business is. The benefits of social media are easy to see but gaining a following can be difficult. Here are some simple-to-use tips that can give a boost to your social media today.

Dealer Marketing Magazine

Dealer Marketing Magazine Article Preview

By Steenman Associates | January 27, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives, including the way we work, learn, shop and communicate. In regards to consumer video consumption, the pandemic hasn’t so much changed the paradigm as it has advanced significant trends already in motion, mainly the impacts of cord cutting and streaming on the growth of digital video and the continued audience erosion of traditional TV.


Happy holiday video wishes from team Steenman.

By Steenman Associates | December 18, 2020

What’s your favorite Holiday movie? Home Alone? A Xmas story? Wonderful Life? I personally love the tradition of watching Die Hard ever year even though there are those naysayers who believe it’s not really a “Christmas” movie. To them I say Bah- Humbug! Whatever you choose, holiday movies are one thing we can still enjoy…


Google My Business for Wedding Show Producers

By Steenman Associates | November 18, 2020

Here is a link to the presentation from today’s Bridal Show Producers Summit. Honored to work with this group and share ideas and strategies to create success for this group moving forward.

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Mostly Automotive Steenman OTT Interview

By Steenman Associates | November 17, 2020

Mostly Automotive Marketing picked up my OTT article and invited me to do their Podcast! Humbled and honored to be the first member of Dealer Marketing Magazine “Expert Panel” to be interviewed by them. View video here, listen on your favorite podcast platform: or link directly to podcast episode:–Big-Words-with-Ed-Steenman-em0o8t

Best OTT Ad Progam

Audience growth, advances in features, targeting and data; support increased ROAS for OTT

By Steenman Associates | October 19, 2020

Roughly half of US adults over 18 use at least one OTT service¹, which translates into about 182 million OTT ad spending has seen double-digit increases in recent years. There are more opportunities now available for advertisers and new attribution models that can track actions including store visits.


Why Now is the Time to Revisit your SEO Program

By Steenman Associates | June 30, 2020

The KANTAR Covid-19 Barometer study identified three significant changes predicted to remain sticky in our post-pandemic world, to which consumer products and brands will need to adapt. (1) A new wave of digital shoppers will emerge, (2) An extended period of value-consciousness, (3) Localism as a mainstream movement. Using the foundation of these three core trends, and particularly the acknowledgement that on-line shopping will continue to evolve, businesses that position themselves as most responsive are mostly likely to survive and thrive. The world of on-line search has changed significantly over the recent period and today involves many more paths to purchase. Updated Search Engine Optimization SEO is vital and the time to revisit it is now.

how to buy local podcast advertising

How can I advertise on podcasts? What are ad rates for podcasts?

By Steenman Associates | April 11, 2020

Podcasting provides new opportunities for local advertisers. There are podcasts to support practically every local sport as well as a wide variety of local topics. But while podcast may seem like radio, it requires a unique approach to make your sponsorships successful.


How does working with an independent media buyer compare to buying advertising from a local radio or television station.

By Steenman Associates | April 8, 2020

Find the best ad rates on local TV stations like KING TV, KOMO TV, Q13 Fox or KIRO TV in Seattle as well as local radio stations like KIRO, KISW or KZOK. An independent media buyer can competitively shop the market to provide you the right program for your business at no additional cost to you.


Let’s Get Washington Working Again

By Steenman Associates | March 29, 2020

Washington State has been at the forefront of this crisis and we now have the opportunity to be at the forefront of the economic recovery. We ask Gov’t leaders to consider the input of local business owners and begin making plans NOW as to how we get Washington working again while keeping paramount the safety of our customers, fellow workers and our families.


Aqua Quip KJR Sportsradio Interview.

By Steenman Associates | March 24, 2020

Here’s some of what we’re doing to help our clients survive these turbulent times. A big thank you to our iHeart radio partners for this initiative. Steenman Associates is a Seattle based advertising agency and media buying service with a specific focus on retailers, automotive and event marketers. We work with iHeart radio in…


Your Customer Communication Survival Guide for COVID19

By Steenman Associates | March 18, 2020

Automotive dealers can let customers know that they are still open for business, the best ways they can connect, and what you’re doing to keep them safe.


Google My Business: Expert SEO Tips for Auto Dealers

By Steenman Associates | March 10, 2020

Today your dealership needs every advantage and a strong locally-focused SEO strategy is more important than ever. One key way to drive organic search results to your dealership is through a properly optimized Google My Business (GMB) listing. In case you’re not familiar (or it’s been a while), Google My Business is a free easy-to-use…


NEW AI TECHNOLOGY: Smart Television Advertising in ways never before possible

By Steenman Associates | December 2, 2019

Here is Steenman’s first article as published in Dealer Marketing Magazine. NEW AI TECHNOLOGY: Smart Television Advertising in ways never before possible November 25, 2019 by Ed Steenman How smart is your new Smart TV?  Smarter than you think. Because in addition to cool new features like streaming apps, voice control and Bluetooth compatibility, your TV is…

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Steenman chosen from 600 Automotive Experts for elite Dealer Marketing Expert Panel.

By Steenman Associates | November 11, 2019

Their search for the best automotive experts started with just over 600 people. A short list of 124 experts followed and now we are here.  Dealer Marketing Magazine has chosen Ed Steenman as a member of their prestigious Dealer Marketing Expert Panel. The panel consists of 30 Experts across various marketing and business categories in the…