Our PR Trifecta: Curbed, Improb, and New Atlas


Mission accomplished. Our client, Caravan Outfitter based in Seattle is an amazing small camper van.   They had been using adwords and social media tactics to try and gain visibility- achieving only limited success on a national level. They came to use seeking broader exposure and in researching, we discovered 3 national on-line sites that focused on camper van product reviews and related content.  So we went to work, developing and pitching stories to each of them.  In my experience, you are usually lucky to get one of them to show interest in you, rarely can you get two and it’s almost impossible to get in all three. But we nailed it.  Coverage in all three and feature stories in the two larger ones.  What made it even sweeter is that one of specific client requests was to get more photos of the product ‘out there’ and the Curbed story was very photo heavy.  They all wrote different angles as we presented.  The Curbed story alone generated over 1,000 visits to their website within 24 hours of publication.

Here are the three stories (click for the link


New Atlas