Auburn Volkswagen. And what a ride it’s been

It is with such mixed feelings that I say goodbye to Matthew Welch and our time together at Auburn Volkswagen.  More than a client, more than a friend or even mentor, Matthew is one of those clients that believes and behaves in a way that is hard to describe.  16 years of working together to create award winning local, national and even internationally recognized work.  From the early days of the Portland to Portland Drive touting the ‘greenness’ of the VW diesel to the crazy antics on the I-5 filming the Seattle to San Francisco on one tank event, to the countless TV and social spots featuring everything from Seahawks players to all the charity events that have raised thousands for the local Auburn and South King County communities what an amazing ride it has been!  From the day he got the keys to the store, to the day he hands them off to the new owners and heads off for his new chapter, I’ve had the privilege, the honor, the absolute joy of working with one of the smartest and most visionary ‘cars guys’ around.  Thank you Matthew for believing in me even when I (occasionally) lost faith in myself! All the best to you, Amy and your family.  We truly have gotten to “make lives better one Volkswagen at time and man did we have fun doing it.

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