SEO or Search Engine Optimization has been the cornerstone of most brands’ digital strategy for some time now. However, the effectiveness of SEO however has significantly diminished now that everyone has jumped on the SEO bandwagon. So many companies using the same ad words has forced the search engines like Google and Bing to use different algorithms in order to help users find what they’re searching for. That’s why the next generation of search is VSEO or Video Search Optimization.

VSEO|NextGen® Video Search Optimization from Steenman Associates is the next generation V-SEO. We start with producing over one hundred fifty short branded custom videos specifically tailored to customers’ searches. Then we start a regiment of publishing those videos individually – about every business day or so. Before long, when those targeted customers search, they won’t be able to avoid the brand our V-SEO|NextGen program is targeting. That’s because the newly published content will be the first thing search engines look for and deliver.

VSEO. Video Search Engine Optimizaton.

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